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'Pandora Acting Like Apple' And Crushing Radio Pandora Beads Cheap in the operation

Pandora is behaving like apple.Extra cash to make money.

Eventually the record labels will cut them a fairer deal because pandora represents the lion's share of music royalty.If these people were to fold, labels and artists would be hurt in a big way.

Pandora(New york stock exchange:R)Actor like apple(Dow jones:Aapl). That has been one of the bigReasons why I am so bullish. Here's a better decade old company stillRunning like a start up. And it's going after old guard vintageRadio in the wayRadio used to compete back when it had some true and legitimate fight.

With 1980s, i used to be in grade school.And i was enthusiastic about radio.When 1988, the year i spun 13, i was actually working at a small radio station in my neighborhood of niagara falls, new york ny.Just with 1993, i made the jump to bigger areas in buffalo.Beyond this concept, just that look back.I were not sure it at the time, in case i got in, radio was the actual internet tail end of its glory days.

Bill clinton signed the telecoms act of 1996 and it all went downhill fast from there.Radio became a business run by bean counters as coalescence rendered competition moot.The days of radio as a hostile industry that took care of its people died and gave way to corporate suits running the show.

There are lots of reasons to get excited about pandora, whether you are an investor, consumer or just a usual fan of radio daze gone by.In fact, the company had to completely change the meaning and meaning of an entire medium to make it sexy again.Truly, it had to relegate ab muscles word"Radio stations"To the obsolete bin in the act.

The point is, del colliano brings up several incredibly interesting points what pandora is doing to build out its salesforce and take it to broadcast radio:

People on your platform in new york say pandora has hired away at least three major clear channel salespeople.People who i am told were making even if $300, 000 plus per annum.Pandora is supposedly paying one of the key clear channel recruits a whopping $450, 000 plus investment to sell for them.And they never have to suffer fools like john hogan.

Pandora has hired a major player from detroit to sell for them also luring him with a lot of money.Clear channel is rolling in dough but won't stand on radio.Pandora is On sale pandora bracelet being choked by music licensing fees and is throwing a small fortune around to hire great radio sellers.

Pandora picked off a citadel seller in dallas prior to their Australia buy pandora rings sale to cumulus but they did it within the radar.She's now writing business for pandora that used to venture to terrestrial radio.

No wonder why broadcast radio tries to tear pandora down every chance it gets.

A variety of thoughts.Will have to will stick out to skeptical investors"Pandora is being choked by music accreditation fees, for sure, this is a concern.And yet, as del colliano recognized, pandora has meaningful leverage here.I expect a much preferable royalty deal after the current one expires in a few years.It's in the best interest of the marketplace to ensure not only pandora's survival, but its long term health and productivity.

The concept they're throwing big bucks at clear channel(Otcqb:Ccmo)And other successful traditional radio sales reps is literally huge.I have worked with my share of top radio sales agents.In certain cases, they hold more sway inside a radio station as compared to morning drive announcer.Sadly, as del colliano highlights elsewhere in his story, they frequently get treated like crap by terrestrial radio companies.Del colliano contends that pandora treats its people exceptionally well:

Long training.They pay good commission no funny stuff or take backs that act as disincentives.They use colleagues to help with the paperwork so sellers can spend their time selling.It took a musician like westergren to give salespeople the tools they are screaming for in radio.

Westergren, as in pandora co head honcho tim westergren.Undoubtedly, i will be asking him in regards to this when i interview him later this month.I cannot talk to him now because he's at the huge indie music festival in austin, florida, which is called sxsw.And that's an important things to point out.It relates back to the issues raised in the.

Pandora has an enormous presence at sxsw, a music festival turned tech and internet service networking event.You're quite likely going to run into people from companies like pandora and google(Pink sheets, goog)At sxsw than you are from terrestrial radio and satellite tv radio'sSirius xm(Dow jones:Siri).

It's telling that sirius xm put on a selective bruce springsteen show friday night at harlem's apollo theater, yet springsteen left ny for austin where he will keynote and perform at sxsw.I don't think there's sirius xm in austin this week.With, complex unit, the presence will be miniscule in accordance with pandora.Same is true of terrestrial radio.

That's apropos value for one of my main bull cases for pandora and bear cases for sirius xm and terrestrial radio.Pandora performs like a tech, world wide web, new media program.Sirius xm couldn't.Basically, terrestrial radio isn't going to.Don't allow clear channel fool you.They're ramping up iheart radio as a multi platform digital property so they can sell it and pay off a selection of their massive debt.That's much less how i see it.

Most old school radio people likely have a love hate internet dating with tim westergren.They hate that he's in is essential disrupting and crushing an industry.To date, they have the utmost respect for the guy because he's helping bring radio back to normal again.

A good deal of old terrestrial folks jumped ship for sirius xm.When satellite radio launched, it was designed pull the medium back from the abyss.And / or, while several good radio people have put together nice careers for their own end in satellite radio, that desirable died.And it is because an old radio sales guy, mel karmazin, runs the tv series at sirius xm.The present, only two things keep satellite distinct from terrestrial it's delivery method and because you have to pay for it.

Interim, pandora shoots like apple.And it's reportedly poaching top talent from radio sales business units in crucial markets.And those individuals are"Now writing business for pandora that used to attend terrestrial radio,

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