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Activists rip penney above dog

Penney company.Removed some fur trimmed coats from its racks around yuletide after animal rights activists objected that the fur came from wild dogs in china.

A couple weeks ago, the shopping area company put the coats back on the racks but only after directing employees to use marker pens to blot out the line on the label that identified the trim as raccoon fur.

The fur collared Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts Sale leather coats were sold inside the house brands st.About two dozen continued to be.

"We sold most of them during christmas, said a saleswoman at a penney store in vermont who spoke on condition of anonymity because she feared losing her job. "I hope individuals who bought those coats aren't animal lovers.But i guess when they are wearing fur, they aren't,

By setting the coats back on the racks, penney is charting diverse course than rival macy's, which last month pulled sean john jackets after they turned out to secure the ralph lauren women polo same fur.Macy's said it has a policy against selling pieces with dog fur.

Animal rights groups are whilst incident to pressure penney to drop sales of all real fur, offering fox.A few clothiers say like, polo ralph lauren and j.Crew individual inc.Have pulled over using fur, and designers kenneth cole and calvin klein have promised to go by suit.That animal is usually called a raccoon dog because of its full coat and dark patches about the eyes.

"Asiatic raccoon is the fish name, brossart rumoured. "It's on the federal trade commission's list of fur that is legal to sell in the us.Challenge a dog,

Animal rights advocates counter that although it looks like a big, cosy raccoon and isn't kept as a pet, it's a canine breed something penney doesn't dispute.

"They are a member of the dog family, replied kristin leppert, manager of the anti fur campaign at the humane society of the actual. "What's essential is that they're getting killed by the millions in the most atrocious way,

Activists from swiss animal protection posing as a documentary film crew say they went to china and took pictures of raccoon dogs and foxes being killed at large fur harvesting operations.

The crew's disturbing video posted available shows animals clubbed or slammed on the ground.Some remain writhing, gasping and blinking as is also skinned alive.

'Raccoon' blotted from tag words

Clothing made with raccoon dog fur has Womens ralph lauren polo shirts turned up at a number of retailers, to be able to leppert of the humane society.She said she got such a st.John's bay coat in maryland and sent it for analysis at a german clinical, which said the fur was raccoon dog rather than raccoon.

Penney sent selections to a lab near dallas, that also confirmed the fur was raccoon dog, brossart documented.The coats were performed racks two days before christmas.

Brossart said company lawyers determined it was legal to sell the coats as long as they didn't claim that the fur came from a specialized species.A new order went to stores a couple weeks ago, and from time to time"Raccoon"Was blotted right out of the labels.

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